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The Fingerprint Room experience that is stress free!

Since we understand the sensitivity of these matters, the staff here at The Fingerprint Room Inc. strive to provide a professional yet stress-free experience with our clients. With our knowledge of fingerprinting circumstances in countries worldwide and our experience with wide array of client situations, we can assist our clients smoothly and provide a swift advice to client concerns. The Fingerprint Room Inc. sees the value in providing customer service through interpersonal communication with our clients. We are always open in answering our clients’ questions and we promise to provide positive experience throughout the process.  Fingerprinting and criminal background checks are our specialty. In fact, not only do we work with individual clients from overseas such as China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, United States and much more, we are often referred to by various visa centers, immigration offices, law firms and police stations across the globe. To meet the increasing demand for our service, in addition to our current offices in British Colombia and Alberta Canada, our Tokyo Japan office will be opening soon and we plan on expanding to Philippines and China.

Our Expertise

Although our specialty is fingerprinting and criminal background checks, we offer additional services relevant to criminal background checks for the convenience of our clients. Some of the services we offer are:

– Digital Fingerprinting with our RCMP certified equipment and server
– Manual Fingerprinting on any country’s fingerprint forms by our experienced fingerprint technician
– RCMP Criminal Background Check Certificate
– FBI Criminal Background Check Certificate
– Name and date of birth based background check (CPIC) certificate
– Authentication of any fingerprint related documents by the Chinese Embassy
– Authentication by the Global Affairs Canada/ Foreign Affairs Canada
– Waiver of Inadmissibility to the USA
– Canadian Record Suspension/Canadian Pardon Application

For more details, please refer to Services in upper tab. We have listed more detailed information for our clients. Some of the reasons our clients contact us are for:

– Work, travel, spousal visa
– Employment procedures or for employment licensing
– Immigration to Canada and foreign countries
– Canadian or international Permanent Residency (PR) application
– Adoption

If you are experiencing a circumstance that is not listed in our Services, please feel free to consult us at contact@thefingerprintroom.com. We are more than happy to assist you.